About GIG Networks Solutions

GIG Network Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is your expert partner when it comes to the supply, installation and implementation of failsafe fibre optic communications systems.

GIG Network Solutions is a service orientated organisation, with specific focus on providing reliable and cost effective fibre optic communication solutions for a wide range of applications, ranging from Commercial computer networks in benign office environments, to Industrial and Control networks, suited for harsh and robust environments in Petrochemical, Manufacturing  and Mining environments.

Situated in Amanzimtoti, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, the Company operates predominantly on the Eastern Seaboard of Southern Africa, but does not limit it’s operations to any specific geographical area.

A large portion of our business is sourced as specialised sub contracts to multi-national Instrumentation and Industrial networking companies, resulting in points of presence that stretch as far north as Bulyanhulu, Tanzania, and southwards to Cape Town.

What does GIG Network Solutions offer ?

This is a dynamic, equal opportunity South African company, that prides itself in having highly motivated and well trained personnel. Seasoned technical staff that originate from a variety of disciplines within the communications industry, enables GIG to offer a diversity of skills :-

Design, Installation and Commissioning of Fibre Optic Cable Networks and Interfacing Equipment for Commercial Computer Networks, City Surveillance & Closed Circuit Television, Process Control, Access Control and Industrial Computing applications

Using equipment that conforms to international standards, our services include :-

Fibre optic fusion splicing * On-site Termination of Singlemode and Multimode fibres * OTDR Testing * Power meter & Light source Testing * Fault location and repair * Upgrading and revamping of existing infrastructure to cater for advancements in technology * Maintenance Contracts for fibre optic cables and infrastructure

Every member of the GIG team appreciates and understands the demands placed on cabling and information systems, as well as the catastrophic results of unplanned outages of “mission critical” industrial applications. Reliability and optimum performance are of paramount importance, therefore  we standardised on materials and equipment that are obtainable from reputable suppliers with local technical support and after-sales service.

Continuous investment in training programmes for engineering and service personnel, ensures that everyday  challenges will be handled efficiently and effectively. With training courses that range from hi-tech transmission systems to basic motor vehicle driver’s license, safety and first aid courses, the Company aims at not only improving the well trained person’s ability, but also to empower the previously disadvantaged individual.